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Attic Ladder Guy offers all sizes of aluminum attic ladders that will best fit your needs. Aluminum ladders are much safer and lighter than your old wooden ladder, and are 375 pound rated. They also have new features such as self closing shocks, instead of springs. And if you have a really narrow ladder, in most cases, Attic Ladder Guy can reframe the attic ladder hole for a wider aluminum ladder. Call today for your free estimate!


Our Attic Lift Storage System is a motorized lift, that easily and safely lifts your storage items to the attic, or lowers them down to the floor with a push of a button. It eliminates the time consuming, dangerous task of lifting or pushing items up and down your pull-down attic stairway. The model 24 weight limit capacity is 200lbs, and the model 32 is 250lbs. Available with a wireless option and a wall switch option.


If you have a tall ladder with tall ceilings, Attic Ladder Guy offers an easy assist pole, that can be added on to any size ladder. The assist pole helps you easily guide the ladder to the ground, and helps get the ladder back to its stored position.


!!Don't Risk Injury!! Attic Ladder Guy offers handrails that can be installed around any attic ladder, with adequate room. A handrail is great for pulling yourself up that last big step at the top of your attic ladder, and adds safety and convenience when you're working in your attic.


If your home has an attic opening in a closet, hallway, or bedroom, then you know how difficult it can be getting up there. A telescoping ladder is perfect for those tight spaces, and it can turn wasted space into valuable storage space. Don't waste money on storage, because you can now have instant storage anywhere in your home with a telescoping ladder, flooring, and lights.


If you have a tall pantry with tall shelves, then you know how hard it can be getting something down. A rolling pantry ladder is a great way to eliminate those problems. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be stained or painted. Rolling ladders are also great for libraries, when you're just trying to reach for that perfect book.

The Attic Ladder Guy

Jay Colt

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Jay Colt, owner and operator of Attic Ladder Guy, has been in the construction industry for over 18 years. Attic Ladder Guy proudly serves the Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Whether it's replacing your old attic ladder, total kitchen and bathroom remodel, or just a small repair, we strive to provide quality construction at affordable prices.

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  •  405.226.2005
  •  2710 N.W. 57th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
  •   atticladderguy@gmail.com.

Happy Customers

First of all, thank you so much for the great job on installing the telescoping ladder in our closet . We are so pleased with the workmanship, the product, and the finished look. It's been very difficult to find contractors that are professional, timely, detailed oriented, and who provide a quality service. You are one of the best. :)

Patricia Litchfield

Wow! Jay does a fantastic job. I called him for work on my patio and he came the very next day. He was on time, professional, and his work is top notch. We will be calling him to install a telescoping ladder soon!

Pam Estep

Jay quickly diagnosed a water problem in my laundry area. I thought my washing machine was leaking, but he assured me that it was not, and indicated that the leak was from compromised flashing on my roof. His quick and professional service was outstanding.

Charles Gann

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