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The Attic Ladder Guy company backs up its commitment to excellence with more than 10 years in attic lift and ladder installation experience combined with 20 years in remodeling. Through quality service and superior workmanship, our goal is to provide every customer with injury-avoiding alternatives to access and more effectively use their attic space.




Our cutting-edge ladders come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Constructed from high-grade aluminum, they are far superior to the wooden ladders we are familiar with. Our extra-wide ladders withstand up to 375 pounds of weight and are equipped with self-closing shocks. By contrast, the wooden ladders are only rated at 225 pounds with high-tension springs that are more likely to break over time. Our aluminum ladders mean loved-ones, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC repairmen will be safer. And, reduced chances for liability give homeowners added peace of mind. Our prices beat the competition on any sized ladder. For those on a tight budget we also offer used wooden ladders that we can install to help you pass inspection or to replace broken ones. Attic Ladder guy is your one-stop shop for all your attic needs.



Why risk serious injury or death carrying heavy objects up and down an attic ladder when you can move it automatically with the push of a button? There are several types of lifts available on the market with different functions and capabilities. Whether you need one than can lift up to 500 pounds or a lift that can carry tall stacks with no height restrictions, our company has handled them all. Let Attic Ladder Guy help you choose the perfect lift for your particular attic. From sales, installation, and repair, our professionals will be there to help you through the entire process. Contact us for a free estimate today!



Stone mailbox caps and address blocks can be added to almost any brick mailbox. Make your brick mailbox stand out with a decorative stone cap, and a painted address. Stone Mailbox Caps can also seal the top of your brick mailbox from cracks, that can cause water damage to your bricks, and your metal mailbox. We also can replace your old rusty mailbox with a new mailbox that won't rust anymore. Stone Address Blocks can also be added on to your house, and all stones are available in white or light brown.



Regardless of your ceiling height, our assist poles make ladder access safe and simple. Assist poles help guide wooden or aluminum ladders of all sizes to the floor and back into storage position safely and easily, reducing any risk of injury.



!!Don't Risk Injury!! Our handrails offer added safety and convenience to accessing your home’s attic space. Our heavy –duty welded-steel handrails are much stronger than anything on the market and can be customized to any application.



We offer telescoping ladders to help access your attic in tight spaces like closets and hallways. Don’t waste money on storage fees when you can utilize your existing attic space from virtually any place in your home.


The Rolling Library Ladder is a classy way to add functionality to your library, closet, wine cellar, kitchen, pantry, or loft. With the Rolling Ladder, it is all about choice. All our Rolling Ladder parts are machined or manufactured by American craftsmen - from the metal work to wood work to the steam-bent handrails. If the stock options are not what you are looking for, we have custom options with optional varieties of wood that can be matched to any height needed.


Ranging from a small bathroom remodel, to an entire home remodel, we provide all types of remodeling at low prices. Attic Ladder Guy can take care of all your remodeling needs, and can help you with all phases of the design process.


Don't waste money on storage buildings anymore, and turn wasted space above your home, into valuable storage space. Attic Ladder Guy can give you instant storage almost anywhere in your home with a telescoping ladder, flooring, and lights. Estimates are always free. 


The Attic Ladder Guy

Jay Colt

Jay Colt

Owner and Operator

Proud Member Of The Better Business Bureau



Jay Colt, owner and operator of Attic Ladder Guy, has been in the construction industry for over 18 years. Attic Ladder Guy proudly serves the Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Whether it's replacing your old attic ladder, total kitchen and bathroom remodel, or just a small repair, we strive to provide quality construction at affordable prices.

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  •  405.226.2005
  •  2710 N.W. 57th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
  •   atticladderguy@gmail.com.

Happy Customers

First of all, thank you so much for the great job on installing the telescoping ladder in our closet . We are so pleased with the workmanship, the product, and the finished look. It's been very difficult to find contractors that are professional, timely, detailed oriented, and who provide a quality service. You are one of the best. :)

Patricia Litchfield

Wow! Jay does a fantastic job. I called him for work on my patio and he came the very next day. He was on time, professional, and his work is top notch. We will be calling him to install a telescoping ladder soon!

Pam Estep

Jay quickly diagnosed a water problem in my laundry area. I thought my washing machine was leaking, but he assured me that it was not, and indicated that the leak was from compromised flashing on my roof. His quick and professional service was outstanding.

Charles Gann

Jay’s installed two projects for me. A new wider aluminum attic ladder with a pole, and a Versalift Attic Storage Lifting System. Throughout both installations he communicated promptly, arrived at the scheduled times, cleaned up properly afterwards, and made sure that I was able to inspect everything before he departed. It’s always nice to have work done by installers who are professional in their practices, and Jay is one of them.

Jim Gardner

Jay and his associate did a wonderful job. He installed an attic lift and lights, new attic ladder with assist pole and guard rail. They have made the attic so much easier to access and the lift is wonderful. Jay was a complete professional. He kept every appointment made and was prompt, courteous and very well informed and helpful. The work was all completed in a single day. It was a pleasure to work with that level of service and expertise in someone nowadays!

Emily McKenzie

Thanks for the work in our attic. Our old ladder was a hazard so having the replacement is an incredible upgrade. The new light and extra flooring provided us with ample lighting and space to organize what we have without constantly having to move things to get to other things. I appreciate you calling me the same day that we made the inquiry and coming out to the house the same afternoon. The work was done promptly and we're pleased with the result.

David Carlson


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